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Frequently Asked Questions

Browse these frequently asked questions, or call our team at (304) 345-7272!

Why do regular dental visits matter?

The benefits of proactive dental visits are endless! In addition to sustaining strong teeth and gums, routine visits to your dentist every six months are essential to spotting any dental problems early, when treatment can still be minimally invasive and more affordable. Plus, tracking your oral health with your dentist early on can help prevent any dental issues from occurring in the first place.

What happens if you just take the tooth out?

Taking out a tooth is always a treatment option that can alleviate the pain associated with a toothache. However, there are second and third-order effects of removing a tooth, which is why we usually save extractions as a last resort. When a tooth is removed, the teeth around it and the tooth it bites against can all shift, causing instability in the bite and harming the teeth that shifted. At Reed Dental, we will always do our best to preserve your natural teeth. But when it’s not possible to save a severely damaged tooth, our skilled dentists are equipped to provide gentle, effective extractions to properly remove decay and eliminate pain. 

Doesn’t a root canal hurt?

No. A root canal performed properly should never hurt. During root canal therapy, your smile will be numbed throughout the entire process, so you’ll never feel any pain. Root canals often have a bad reputation due to the pain that comes from a severe, untreated tooth infection. Patients often forget that the root canal procedure is what relieved the excruciating pain from their infected tooth.

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Absolutely the best dentist ever. Dr. Reed is a wonderful dentist and has an awesome personality who cares for his patients and loves his job.

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